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What can I expect during a RedLight Contouring session?

We always begin with a consult. This includes Q&A, a brief tour and body composition measurements (resting metabolic rate, visceral fat, BMI, metabolic age, weight & etc.)

As you rest on our table (wearing bikini style swimsuit or underwear), flexible contouring panels, containing over 10,000 diodes will be positioned in strategic places on your body as you simply enjoy a relaxing 20 minute session. The temperature is warm, but not hot. You’ll definitely be tempted to take a short nap.

Afterwards, we have a small window of time to take measurements and slip on compression or shapewear under your street clothes. The compression helps encourage the movement of lipids into the interstitial space, where the lymphatic system begins to move things for elimination. Exercise is recommended immediately following the Red Light Contouring. The adjacent room is equipped with a simple whole body vibration plate. Ten minutes on this equipment is the equivalent to a 30min brisk walk, as far as the lymphatic system is concerned. While on the body vibration plate, you’ll also be given a deep tissue massaging tool to self-apply on each of the areas previously wrapped with Red Light Contouring, furthering the movement of material through the interstitial spaces.