About Lean Contours

A natural, easy, non-invasive and pain free method of breaking down fat and contouring the body. The infrared wavelengths reliably reduce inflammation and the associated painful symptoms.

Red light and near infrared light, when combined in high intensity, very near proximity and 20-30 minute duration is a reliable method for body contouring. The LEAN approach utilizes broad blanketing coverage, addressing 8 body regions.

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Kelsey Sollom

Formerly a licensed Esthetician, Kelsey is lifelong health & wellness enthusiast with a broad interest in serving women throughout the community. She has direct personal experience with the methods of LEAN (weight loss and energy-based contouring), both as an OEM trained technician, office manager and former client.

Kelly Tweten

Formerly a CNA and lifelong health/wellness enthusiast, Kelly has dedicated over a decade to understanding how the body responds to a wide variety of stimuli, products and processes. Once introduced to the approach at Lean Contours, she immediately knew this was a fantastic way to serve others and our team expanded.