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How long lasting are the results?

The results can be very long-lasting, even permanent. However, body issues are highly dependent on MANY factors that are beyond our control outside the office. Red Light Contouring does not destroy fat cells, but releases the largest volume of their contents. If our caloric intake is significantly higher than we require and/or the types of foods are high on the glycemic index, our body will eventually store fat again. If we begin menopause & our hormones are in constant flux, weight gain is pretty common. There exists a long list of scenarios. For this reason, we recommend making small, easy, meaningful, sustainable and therefore long lasting changes to lifestyle, exercise and nutrition habits. Doing this alone could get you halfway to your goals… in 12 months. That’s not as much fun though. Your probability of success is much greater if you feel and look better, while detoxifying and reducing inflammation in a relatively short period of time, before making sweeping lifestyle changes. We recommend starting some of these changes prior to beginning Red Light Contouring (hydration, liver support, no soda &/or alcohol), some during our program (food strategies & nutritional supplements) and some after (regular light exercise).

If you’re like 90% of the other people in our community, you’re occasionally going to enjoy foods a little more than we should, both quantity and quality. That’s called being human and it’s hard to avoid. A maintenance program at Lean Contours of once or twice per month is pretty common. It’s relaxing and feels good to know you’re not alone once your first round of sessions are complete. These touch up sessions can be made available at no charge, depending on our clients’ participation in our LEAN Ambassador Program. Please ask your consultant for the details.