Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a Red Light Contouring session?

Schedule a consultation through LEAN Contours to answer any questions you may have and to record body composition before your first appointment.

Relax on our table while flexible contouring panels are positioned strategically on your body. These panels contain over 10,000 diodes and will contour your body for with a warm heat for 20 minutes.

After this process, there is a limited amount of time to take measurements and dress in compression or shapewear under your clothes. The compression allows movement of lipids into interstitial space where the lymphatic system will begin to eliminate. It is recommended to perform 10 minutes of exercise on the whole-body vibration plate following Red Light Contouring to continue movement in the lymphatic system.

How does Red Light Contouring work?

Red Light therapy initiates a photobiostimulation reaction of the fat cells through red and infrared wavelengths to reduce the content in these fat cells. This reaction causes the mitochondria to cause tiny openings in the cell membrane, called transient pores, in the wall of the fat cell to open.

The fat cells deflate under the red light releasing over 95% of their content including triglyceride, fatty acids, water and other bodily toxins. In the bloodstream, these fatty acids are either used as fuel or eliminated by the body through this detoxifying process.

It is recommended to do a liver cleanse (liver support supplement) to remove any toxins and nutrient byproducts from the body. This will help your liver become high-functioning and work harder to filter out toxins.

What area of the body can be treated?

Red Light Contouring can treat every part of the body where fat deposits are located. These areas can include the face, chin, upper arms, abdomen, waist, glutes, thighs and cellulite deposits.

How soon will I see results?

Results are measured after the first treatment. Clients can see a ¼ inch difference in circumference from each body area, per appointment. In each 20-minute session, it is not uncommon to measure a total of 1.5” to 2”. Noticeable results will require a few sessions which is why LEAN Contours encourages accurate measurements and photos to document changes.

Styku Body Imaging is a way to track fitness and see results. Stand on a rotating platform where infrared sensors examine shape and body composition to reveal your body measurements in 3D.

How long lasting are the results?

Results can be long-lasting, depending on many factors involved outside of your appointments. Red Light Contouring does not destroy fat cells but releases the volume in their contents. At LEAN Contours, we recommend that clients focus on their nutritional habits, exercise and lifestyle to have meaningful and long-lasting results.

LEAN Contours offers a LEAN Ambassador Program to support our clients through these lifestyle changes. Ask a consultant for further details.

What risks are involved?

The Red Light Contouring process is considered a safe alternative to invasive procedures with no risks and is FDA approved.

Are there any contraindications for its use?

Although Red Light Contouring is considered safe and is widely accepted, some contraindications include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Active Cancer
  • Pacemaker
  • Hepatitis C

Do I have to follow a diet?

No changes are required but results can be elevated by drinking water before each treatment, taking a liver support supplement, and reducing caloric intake somewhat.

Do I have to follow a diet?

Each of your sessions should be followed by 10-30 minutes of light exercise or whole-body vibration to help stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation. This helps to aid the body in delivering substances released from fat cells to the liver to be broken down.

Heavy exercise is not recommended as your liver is operating at a higher capacity than usual.

No exercising should be done prior to your session.

Does Red Light Contouring help with cellulite and loose skin?

The infrared wavelength aids in the increase of collagen and elastin formation in connective tissues between fat cells for better contouring.

Red Light Contouring clients have noticed a reduction in cellulite, improved results in tightening loose skin while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Consistent appointments (2-3 per week) will help maintain these results.

What research has been done?

Red Light Contouring is based on over forty years of research within the body sculpting, aesthetic, and orthopedic industries. Specifically, the recent discovery of 635nm light and its effect on fat cells have sent a new wave of supporting research into the validity of red-light therapy. Lean contours can supply you with supporting papers upon request.

What’s the difference?

The equipment at LEAN Contours has been carefully researched and validated for effectiveness and has shown to be progressing past other manufacturers in the industry. This equipment used for Red Light Contouring goes beyond just helps to address symptoms associated with body sculpting and strives to help people with:

  • Chronic pain, headaches, and inflammation
  • Depression and season affective disorders
  • Arthritis and joint issues
  • Digestive and thyroid hormone regulating issues
  • Circadian rhythm issues
  • Immune system responses
  • Muscle recovery
  • Post-surgical inflammation
  • Weight loss and diabetic blood sugars