The big “Why”…

LEAN contours is locally owned and operated in Fargo ND. This office was privately formed for the personal interests of our owners, to care for the needs of friends and family, regarding painful inflammation and body contouring. Once the benefits became blatantly clear, this all-natural & non-invasive method was opened to the public. It didn’t seem right to hold onto something this transformative. Our pricing is designed to simply cover operating costs and equipment maintenance. Many similar clinics across the country routinely charge twice as much for the same services. Enjoy!

The best kept secrets in body shape…

There are body areas that cannot be “spot trained” and/or “lost” with exercise and nutrition. These include cellulite, hips, abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, under the chin and the face.


A common phrase is “We get fit in the gym and lose weight in the kitchen”. While this is very true, our methods amplify both the gym and the kitchen, shortening the time and energy needed to reach your goals, while achieving better results than the long road and lower success rate of DIY home methods. Light exercise at home keeps the lymphatic system circulating. Avoiding high glycemic foods controls insulin and fat storage. We provide our clients with proprietary natural metabolic drops to control hunger and mitigate insulin from storing glucose as fat, amplifying the positive effects of doing the right things at home.

Liver Support

As our protocol improves the body, waste needs to be eliminated. A healthy liver and adequate hydration is crucial. Our clients are provided a natural proprietary liver support, which cleanses and promotes optimal function.


Did you know the body carries more lymph than blood? It’s critical to exercise immediately after each session, to mobilize lymph, which carries away the expelled fat cell contents. Who has time for that in the middle of the day? Instead, LEAN Contours has whole body vibration equipment on-site. Ten minutes is the equivalent to a 30 minute brisk walk.


This is the “trigger” mechanism that starts the whole process. All “Red Light” is NOT the same. Do not be fooled into cheaper options. Do not discount this method because you’ve “already heard about it.” The equipment at LEAN Contours is 100x more powerful than conventional “Red Light”. We use very specific nanometer wavelengths of visible and invisible light energy, proven to prompt the body’s fat cells to behave in a very predictable way. Consistency is key and results are cumulative. 30-45min office visits are scheduled every other day, for 3-4 weeks. Results are sustainable for as long as you instruct your body (with nutrition and exercise) not to reconstitute the fat cells. As we are all notflawless individuals, some patients maintain results with monthly maintenance sessions. Be sure to ask your LEAN consultant about our Ambassador Program, which can result in no-charge maintenance services.

Additional Benefits

While our team does not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, we can comfortably tell you about many of the ancillary benefits patients commonly notice. We recommend consulting with your physician about the underlying cause(s) of pain, if this is your primary interest. This method does absolutely no damage to the body.

  • Cosmetic appearance. Skin is the body’s largest organ.
  • Improved dream state
  • Increased daily energy and focus
  • Reduced inflammation – painful symptoms are greatly reduced.
    • Joint Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Skin Inflammation: Acne, psoriasis, excema
    • Menstrual Pain
  • Improved digestion and bowel movements